Duds for Dudes – Fully Vested Men

Tuesday, September 4, 2012 Permalink 0

I’ve been asked several times recently, when I’m going to start doing posts for men.  Considering the amount of guys that need a little help, I decided to start right away!

This being my first post for the guys, I chose a topic near and dear to my heart, the men’s vest.

Not being a guy, and also not owning a men’s vest, I wasn’t able to take any photo’s, so I turned to the Internet for a few examples.


The professionally masculine vest.


The layered vest.


Sportswear casual layer.


Perfect with dark denim.


This says, “It’s easy for me to look good.”


Makes any tie look good.


Lets me honest, if it’s good enough for Justin, it’s good enough for you!


Here’s a few stores to check out!

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Josh says:

The one with the dark Denim…what material and color would u say that is? What website did u find the photo on?

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